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How Do I Charge My Aim?

Last Updated: Oct 13, 2016 08:11PM EDT
We currently have two models of the Aim (Aim and Aim 2). If you purchased your device after February 2016, you likely have the Aim 2 model. Both models are very similar, though we have made some improvements to the battery of the Aim 2 model and this will impact how you charge your device.

How to tell which Aim model you have: 

Take a look at the bottom of the back of your Aim:

The original Aim model will say "Skulpt" on it:

The original Aim takes 10 hours to fully charge.

The Aim 2 model will say "Aim" on it:

Aim 2 takes two hours to charge.

Charging your Aim:

To charge your Aim, please be sure it is seated firmly in the cradle (pictured below):

The original Aim model will take 10 hours to fully charge, and the Aim 2 model will take 2 hours to fully charge. If you're charging through a computer, please be sure that your computer is plugged in, and doesn't have some sleep mode setting that would prevent it from charging. To charge:
1.     Turn off your Aim by holding the left button for a couple of seconds.
2.     Place it firmly in the charging cradle with the Skulpt logo at the bottom, to ensure that the four pins on the back of the Aim are making contact with those in the cradle.
3.     Plug in the Mini USB cable into the Mini USB connector on the charging cradle, and plug in the other end of the cable (USB) into the USB port on your computer or a wall charger.

The light ring of the original Aim model will light up red to indicate that it is charging. It will turn off on its own after a couple of seconds, so you will need to leave it as is for 10 hours. If your unit is completely dead, then just place it firmly in the cradle as in the instructions above, and leave it because it may not have enough energy to turn on the red light. In about an hour or so, you can check to see if it will turn on just to make sure it’s working, and then continue to let it charge.

The Aim 2 model will light up red towards the bottom to indicate that it's charging and will stay this way until it is fully charged. When it is fully charged, the light ring will turn green at the bottom. 

If your device starts blinking, it means that it is dying to please follow these instructions.

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